Updated: 1 December 2020

In response to COVID-19 and community transmission in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia have implemented guidelines with regards to temporary changes to NDIS funding in relation to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Learn more about changes to PPE access and requirements at the links below:

References – The information referenced in this article is sourced from the NDIS website and state-based health advice.

Let’s take a look at the changes together.

Registered Providers can now directly claim the costs of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from the NDIA, without impacting a Participant’s funding. Providers are able to claim an allowance of $1.70 per hour of support delivered in the Activities of Daily Life Support Category, to cover the cost of PPE.

If you are a Participant who meets the NDIA guidelines (see below), you can also access PPE through your NDIS funds and providers.

The temporary changes apply where COVID-19 is known as being active in a participant’s community and the use of PPE is recommended. 

Guidelines – who can claim for PPE?

Registered Providers delivering services in the registration groups below, can now directly claim the costs of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from the NDIA.

Included registration groups:

  • 0104 High Intensity Daily Personal Activities
  • 0107 Daily Personal Activities
  • 0115 Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement

Participants can recover the costs to purchase PPE items such as face masks, face shields and gloves their Core – Consumables budget, if you:

  • receive an average of at least one hour a day of face-to-face daily living supports, and
  • live in Victoria, New South Wales or South Australia.

*Note – If you need to purchase face coverings or masks for use outside the home, this is still an everyday expense, and you cannot use your NDIS funds to pay for them.

What about hand sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser continues to be a personal expense.


Where can I purchase PPE?

Some providers may supply their workers with PPE, whereas others may require the Participant to have PPE available. If you’re unsure, it’s best to have a conversation with your Provider directly.

Plan and self-managed participants can purchase PPE from any provider (eg. your local pharmacy) and record and claim your purchases in the usual way. Agency-managed participants can purchase PPE through registered providers.

Access to PPE – Providers are also able to request PPE through the Department of Health national stockpile. More information for providers can be found here.


When did these changes come into effect?

The temporary PPE arrangements have different effective start and end dates depending on state, commencing from 29 July 2020.

Claiming directly from the NDIA

Providers claiming the costs of PPE directly from the NDIA can do so via the Portal. Providers are able to claim for costs they have incurred for delivering daily living supports from 29 July 2020 (NSW + VIC), 22 August (QLD) or 19 November (SA), in line with previous provisions made for providers to support PPE use. Providers claiming for the costs of PPE directly from the NDIA will not impact the participant’s funding.


Claiming PPE from a Participant’s plan

In agreement with the participant, Providers will also be able to continue claiming for PPE costs through the Price Guide.

If you are providing support to a Participant living in Victoria, New South Wales or South Australia who meet the aforementioned guidelines provided by the NDIS, there are three (3) new line items available to align with the appropriate registration group:

  • 01_797_0104_1 (High Intensity Daily Personal Activities)
  • 01_797_0107_1 (Daily Personal Activities)
  • 01_797_0115_1 (Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement)


If you are supporting a Participant who is Plan Managed, please ensure PPE is clearly stated on a separate line on your invoice.

Where can I find more information?

Please note there may be more guidance available specific to your state/area  from your state’s department of health.

SA Health
1800 253 787

NSW – Information for Disability Support Providers

Victoria Department of Health and Human Services
1300 650 172

Queensland Govt. Health Advice

NDIS Website 
1800 800 100

Disability Information Helpline
1800 643 787 

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