With the recent July 1, 2019 price guide update the NDIS has clarified some of the policies around Participant Transport and this
might impact some of the invoices you are receiving from your providers, as well as the ability to claim Transport costs via your Plan Manager from your NDIS plan. 

So what is Participant Transport?

Participant transport refers to the transport supports accessed by participants who cannot use public transport without substantial difficulty. If your plan includes transport funding, you will see a Transport budget included in your NDIS plan. 

Read more on the NDIS website here.

How is Participant Transport funding paid?

Transport funding is most commonly paid as a fortnightly allowance directly into your bank account. This direct payment is a special type of self-management where you don’t need to make any claims or keep any records of your travel spending. 

What can I use my Transport funding for?

Transport funding can be used for travel by yourself, or with a support worker. Types of transport the funding may be used for, include things like: taxis, ubers, bus tickets for support workers etc. 

What the NDIS Price Guide says about when a Participant is travelling with a Support Worker …

Contributions towards the cost of Transport itself. 

“If a provider incurs costs, in addition to the cost of a worker’s time, when accompanying and/or transporting participants in the community (such as cost of ticket for public transport, road tolls, parking fees and the running costs of the vehicle), they may negotiate with the participant for them to make a reasonable contribution towards these costs.

A participant’s support budget may include funding for transport, and this funding can be used for these types of contributions, which should be clearly specified in the service agreement.

If the participant’s support budget does not include funding for transport, then these costs should not be met from the participant’s plan, but can be charged as an out of pocket expense to the participant.”

Reference – 2019 Price Guide, page 25  

For participants Plan Managed with Plan Tracker, the following applies:

What we can claim?
We can claim the time the worker spends travelling with you. 

What we cannot claim?
We are not able to claim Kilometres (KMs) or requests for contributions towards Travel.

IMPORTANT: As of Monday 9 September 2019 we will no longer be able to process invoices for Transport costs. You may need to speak with your Provider/s around any transport costs that are currently being included with your support invoices and arrange to have them invoiced to you directly. 

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