Plan Tracker was founded by Elisa James in 2016.

The idea for Plan Tracker came from Elisa’s own experience of learning to self-manage her son’s NDIS plan. She quickly recognised the opportunity the NDIS presented to families like hers, and the great need for people to be able to control and manage their own funding.

With a background in technology, Elisa set out to develop, build and launch the Plan Tracker app from her kitchen table. The app was designed to help participants and family members, easily self-manage their NDIS supports by tracking funds, payments and claims from one central dashboard. The app is available which is on iOS & Android, as well as the desktop portal.

With participants able to enjoy the benefits of self-management with support, the growing Plan Tracker team began developing new technology that would further disrupt the NDIS Plan Management space. In 2018, Plan Tracker began providing a Plan Management service, alongside the self-management app.

As the home office grew, Elisa’s family joked that the team were taking over the fridge, and it wasn’t long after the Plan Tracker team established its own office. The team keeps growing and includes around 65 passionate individuals, spread across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. Plan Tracker supports thousands of participants as they navigate the NDIS for themselves or a loved one. Our team members are enthusiastic and caring, and many with lived experience of disability and navigating the NDIS.

“My Plan Tracker vision has always been for NDIS participants to have true choice and control of their plan, alongside enjoying fast payments, easy budget tracking, weekly emails, plus reliable advice and support from their friendly team.” Elisa James

In July 2021, Plan Tracker began an exciting new chapter, joining with Plan Partners, the second largest Plan Manager in Australia and part of the McMillan Shakespeare Group. Plan Partners and Plan Trackers’ values and commitment to our customers very much align and together. Joining forces will allow Plan Tracker to undertake the ongoing technology investment needed to support NDIS participants and their families.

Most importantly, Plan Tracker continues to be Plan Tracker, with the same name, the same team and the same passion to see the self-directed NDIS community grow.

This partnership also meant Elisa was able to spend more time with her rapidly growing kids in their remaining teenage years.

Since pretty humble beginnings in 2016 and the launch of the App, Plan Tracker has grown to become one of Australia’s leading NDIS Plan Managers, dedicated to helping participants get the most out of their NDIS funding. Acknowledging the team’s expertise, commitment and service,  Plan Tracker was announced winner of the MOST OUTSTANDING PLAN MANAGER at the Australian Disability Service Awards in April 2022. 

So whether you are yet to apply for the NDIS, are creating your first plan or are a seasoned pro, our Plan Tracker team are here for you. Please reach out, we’d love to chat.

What our customers say

“I’m lost without Plan Tracker. Thank you so much for everything for making my NDIS life easy to understand. I’m new with NDIS and got lots of questions and sometimes I’ve got silly ones but I didn’t feel I was being ignored, they always respond to any of my queries. Thank you guys. Highly recommended.”

“We’re only a couple of months into our first NDIS plan and grateful to have found Plan Tracker. Another vote for Plan Tracker.”

“Plan Tracker are fantastic. Amazing customer service and awesome support. Their terrific team is truly wonderful…”

“I use Plan Tracker. So easy.”

“I’m so excited to have you as our Plan Manager. It’s nice to know you get excited over new price guides and then you can explain them to me!”

How can we help you today?

As a national NDIS Plan Manager and Self-Management app, Plan Tracker is dedicated to providing tools and services to support you to better self-direct your NDIS funds.

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Whether you’re looking for a Plan Manager for yourself or a loved one, have a question or would like to make a referral, our friendly team is here to help!

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What our customers say

Easy to contact and pays on time. Very friendly too. Couldn’t ask for any other Plan Manager.

“Plan Tracker have been amazing. Finally I’ve had a smooth experience, no stress, they are super fast with communication and so helpful. And their app is great, plus the fact that I get sent weekly budget updates… I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Plan Tracker to everyone.”

“Highly recommended. Friendly team, awesome prompt communication and pay invoices really fast. All of my service providers give great feedback on how fast their invoices are paid. If you’re looking for a good plan manager then sign up with these guys.”

The best thing we did was use Plan Tracker. Excellent support and fantastic at all things NDIS. Plan Tracker has taken the worry away. Thank you.

“I got a new Plan Manager called Plan Tracker and in two weeks, we have everything delivered that we’ve been requesting for 10 months.”

I would like to refer my first customer to Plan Tracker.

Webinar Replay:
Year in Review & What's New in '22

Recorded 13 December 2021

Presented by Plan Tracker – Plan Management

Grab a cuppa and catch up on our most recent session A Year in Review, where we discussed the events that took place in 2021, the latest NDIS Quarterly Report and the Improving Support Coordination for NDIS Participants paper.

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Plan Tracker is a registered NDIS Plan Manager supporting participants throughout Australia.
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Whether you're looking for a Plan Manager for yourself or a loved one, have a question or would like to refer a participant, our friendly team is here to help!

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