Information for Providers

Details for Invoicing

Please address your invoice to the participant and email to

Use the template below to create your own invoices – and save it to re-use.


From Invoicing to Payment – here’s how it happens!

  1. Invoice submitted to and automatically added to processing queue
  2. Invoice picked up by processing team
  3. Invoice processed for claim – the NDIS has some clear guidelines around invoices. processing, we make sure your invoices are correct and compliant before we submit them to the NDIA so there’s no delay in payment.
  4. Processed invoice is sent to the participant for approval to claim from their funding – participants are sent an SMS with a copy of your invoice, and given 24hrs to respond to this SMS before the invoice is included in the NDIS claim
  5. Claim submitted to the NDIS
  6. NDIA approves claim and funds are then released to Plan Tracker for payment
  7. NDIA releases funds to Plan Tracker ready for payment process to provider
  8. Provider paid to nominated account by Plan Tracker. You will receive a remittance to confirm your invoice has been paid


Please address your invoice to the participant and email as a PDF to



For all account enquiries, please email 

Invoice Reader

*NOTE – The inbox is for Jazz, our super-efficient invoice reader. We don’t like to get in the way of her very important job, so please note that this inbox is unmonitored by our staff. For account enquiries you’d like our team to read, please email

Get paid faster

It’s as easy as having all the information we need on your invoice before you submit it to us.

Whether you’re a large provider or a sole trader, we understand that getting paid for your services in a timely manner matters. 

*Learn tips on how to get paid faster here. 


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Our registration process is quick & easy, with participant setup within 24hrs of receiving our signed service agreement. 

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