Number Cruncher

The NDIS Number Cruncher – You Can Count On Me!

The Plan Tracker Number Cruncher is designed to help you work out the cost of services and supports, for up to 3 years (the maximum length of an NDIS Plan). You can count on the Number Cruncher to accurately work out how much of your budget you’re spending on a particular service, so there are no surprises.


Click here to use the NDIS Number Cruncher tool.

Find important and helpful information on the different types of budgets available in an NDIS plan.


Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)

Can I use the NDIS Number Cruncher for free?

Yes you can – It’s available for anyone to use.

Are my details shared with anyone?

No. The NDIS Number Cruncher has been designed with your privacy and
security in mind. You don’t need to provide any personal details when you
use it, and no information is stored once you’ve calculated your spending.

Who is the Number Cruncher for?

Support Coordinators, service providers and participants will find the Number
Cruncher really useful and easy to use for NDIS pricing (state by state),
building and managing budgets, and organising and planning supports for
up to 3 years (the maximum length of a Plan).

What if I don’t know which category my support comes under?

If you’re not sure, start here with our blog on budget categories.

You can also use our Price Guide Wizard tool, to search the category and cost of a particular support.

Still not sure? Contact your Support Coordinator (if you have one) or send our friendly team a message via Live Chat.

Can I go back to edit a previous calculation?

To keep your information as safe and secure as possible, we have designed
the Number Cruncher so it does not save data. For your records, you can view,
take a screenshot, or download a summary of your calculations before you
close the browser window.

Can I report issues or errors?

Please message us via Live Chat here or from the NDIS Number Cruncher to
get a fast response to your queries. If you prefer, you can email any issues or
feedback to hello@plantracker.com.au

Why do I need to say what region I live in?

The NDIS sets different price limits depending on the state and region.
Mostly, support items subject to price controls, have a single national price
limit, but some capacity building supports have 3 limits or options; a national,
remote and very remote limit, depending on where the support is delivered.
To make sure you’re getting accurate information for your budgeting, use
your region and/or state.

Why did I get a price limit warning sign?

The warning sign doesn’t apply to everyone – especially if you self-manage
your funds. It is there to prevent you paying for things that are over and
above the NDIS Pricing Arrangements, which could leave you out of pocket. If
you are unsure, we recommend talking to your plan manager, service
provider or support coordinator.

How can I get more support managing budgets?

Plan Tracker is Australia’s Most Outstanding Plan Manager. We encourage
you to have full control over your budgets, whilst we take care of your NDIS
admin and invoices, pay your providers, keep your records, send weekly
statements and provide information, tools and support so can best manage
your funds and spending. If you’re not sure about a decision, try using our
free My Choice Tool.


Please contact our Customer Care Team on Live Chat or call 1800 549 670
9.30am – 5.00pm – Monday – Friday



There are 3 types of budgets in an NDIS Plan – CORE, CAPITAL and CAPACITY BUILDING – your plan may include one, two or all three types.

Click here to find out what services and supports each budget can be used for.

*Please note that these budget items are named slightly differently depending on if you have a paper or PDF plan, or are viewing it in the Portal.

This PAPER VS PORTAL information sheet helps you understand the different terms.

You can also find more information including case studies here NDIS Support budgets in your plan | NDIS

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Plan Tracker is one of Australia’s leading NDIS Plan Managers, dedicated to helping participants get the most out of their NDIS funding. The Plan Tracker vision has always been for NDIS participants to have true choice and control of their plan, alongside enjoying fast payments (3 days), easy budget tracking, weekly emails, plus reliable advice and support from their friendly team. We now support thousands of participants as they navigate the NDIS for themselves or a loved one.

Plan Tracker team members are enthusiastic and caring, and many have lived-experience. Whether you are yet to apply for the NDIS, are creating your first plan, or are preparing to start your next plan, Plan Tracker’s supportive team is ready to guide you through the process.

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