Customer Care

Share your feedback with us!

We’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service and maintaining healthy customer relationships at all levels.

As a customer of ours, you are entitled to make a complaint and provide feedback to us. On this page, you will find an outline of our policy and procedures for the handling of both verbal and written complaints.

Phone & Video Chat

Chat with us about how we can improve our service. If we are not doing well, we would love the chance to do better. You can contact us directly by:
P 1800 549 670

Online & Mail

You can use our compliments, feedback & complaints form to tell us what is going right or wrong. This can be done online via the form below or you can download a printable copy here and send it back to us via post.

Compliments, Feedback & Complaints

This form is to provide feedback about your experience with Plan Tracker, our services and our team.

Optional contact details

You may choose to be anonymous, however if you provide your details we can keep you informed with how your feedback has progressed.

Your feedback

Have we fixed things?

We try our best to make the changes you’ve requested.

If you’ve asked us to make a change, it would be helpful to know that we have fixed the problem. You can do this by:
Phone 1800 549 670

Are we still getting it wrong?

You have other options.

If you wish to take your complaint further, you can do so by contacting the NDIS commission on 1800 035 544. Please let us know if you need some support to do this.