NDIS Participant FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is Plan Management funded?

Plan Management is a service funded for NDIS Participants who have the ‘Improved Life Choices’ or ‘CB Choice & Control’ budget category included in their plan.

*Note – These budget names describe the same funding category. What you see listed on your plan will depend on whether you are viewing your plan on the NDIS portal, as a PDF, or the paper copy received in the mail.

How do I choose a Plan Manager?

If your funding is Plan Managed, you will need to choose a Registered NDIS Plan Manager to appoint for your plan.

This is an important step when you first receive your plan, as you will need to register with a Plan Manager so your providers can be paid from your funding. 

If you’d like assistance with registering for Plan Management, please call 1800 549 670 or email hello@plantracker.com.au – our friendly team are happy to help!

Is Plan Tracker a Registered Plan Manager?

Yes, we certainly are!

If you’d like assistance with registering for Plan Management, please call 1800 549 670 or email hello@plantracker.com.au – our friendly team are happy to help!

Can I change Plan Managers?

If you’re looking for an award winning Plan Manager with a team of knowledgeable, kind and caring people, Plan Tracker can help. Many of our team members have lived experience of NDIS Plans, so when they say ‘I understand’, they really do. Plan Tracker will be with you every step of the way

To change to Plan Tracker plan management, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your service agreement with your current Plan Manager for details on how to cancel your agreement;
  2. Register online or send a copy of your plan to us at Plan Tracker hello@plantracker.com.au
  3. You will need to wait until your current Plan Manager has released their service booking on the NDIS portal  – once this has been done, please give us a call on 1800 549 670 or email to let us know.
  4. We’ll get you setup quickly and send you an invite to the Plan Tracker App.
  5. Share this link https://plantracker.com.au/providers/ with your providers and tell them Plan Tracker is your new Plan Manager.
*Signing your service agreement with us while you wait out any cancellation period with your existing provider allows us to set up a new service booking for your plan as soon as your old Plan Manager has released their bookings on the portal.  This ensures a smooth transition for you and your providers.
How do I track my funding?

We’re glad you asked! We believe good information is key for making informed decisions with your funding, which is why we’re dedicated to keeping you updated on your budgets.

How we provide budget updates:

  • SMS invoice alerts
  • Plan Tracker mobile & desktop app
  • Week-at-a-glance emails – sent every Sunday night, this email includes a summary of your funding, what you’ve spent and how much remains in each budget category (for invoices we’ve received & processed).
  • Budget alert emails when your funding is running low.
How do my providers get paid?

As your Plan Manager, we are responsible for processing claims & paying providers for supports, on your behalf.

Here’s how the process works:

  • You book & receive a support (eg. domestic assistance)
  • Once the service has been delivered, your provider will email their invoice to invoices@plantracker.com.au
  • When our team receives an invoice in your name, we send you an SMS alert
  • When you receive an invoice alert, you can decide to:
    • PROCESS, it’s good to go – no action is required for this option, by default, we will process the claim within 24hrs of the alert if we don’t hear from you
    • HOLD, I’d like to chat with my provider – simply reply via SMS, call 1800 549 670 or email accounts@plantracker.com.au to place an invoice on hold. We won’t process until we hear back from you.
  • Once an invoice is approved, a claim will be made from your NDIS funding
  • When Plan Tracker receives the funds from the NDIS, we will then make a payment to your provider
  • Your provider will receive a remittance advice via email advising their invoice has been paid
  • Once paid, the invoice will then appear inside your Plan Tracker App account
How can I request a reimbursement?

If you have paid upfront for a service, you can submit a request for reimbursement by following the steps below.

To submit a request for reimbursement:

  • Please send an email to accounts@plantracker.com.au with the subject “Reimbursement for [Participant Name]”
  • Attach a copy of your receipt or paid invoice
  • Let us know who the reimbursement is for (participant name) and who you’d like us to pay (who will we reimburse)

*Note – If this is the first time you are submitting a request for reimbursement or your details have changed, please also include your bank details so we know where to transfer funds to

Provider Service Agreements

Whilst is is not mandatory to have a service agreement with all of your providers when your funding is Plan Managed, we appreciate that you may already have service agreements in place for your plan when you join us. If these agreements include service items, rates and service periods, then we can simply take a copy of the agreement. 

Please forward us a copy of your Provider Service Agreement, signed by both your business and the Participant, to accounts@plantracker.com.au

Plan Tracker Contact Details

Company Name: Plan Tracker Pty Ltd

Postal Address: PO Box 92, Gosford NSW 2250
Phone: 1800 549 670
Customer Care: hello@plantracker.com.au
Invoices: invoices@plantracker.com.au
Accounts: accounts@plantracker.com.au



What our customers say

“I’m lost without Plan Tracker. Thank you so much for everything for making my NDIS life easy to understand. I’m new with NDIS and got lots of questions and sometimes I’ve got silly ones but I didn’t feel I was being ignored, they always respond to any of my queries. Thank you guys. Highly recommended.”

“We’re only a couple of months into our first NDIS plan and grateful to have found Plan Tracker. Another vote for Plan Tracker.”

“Plan Tracker are fantastic. Amazing customer service and awesome support. Their terrific team is truly wonderful…”

“I use Plan Tracker. So easy.”

“I’m so excited to have you as our Plan Manager. It’s nice to know you get excited over new price guides and then you can explain them to me!”

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What our customers say

Easy to contact and pays on time. Very friendly too. Couldn’t ask for any other Plan Manager.

“Plan Tracker have been amazing. Finally I’ve had a smooth experience, no stress, they are super fast with communication and so helpful. And their app is great, plus the fact that I get sent weekly budget updates… I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Plan Tracker to everyone.”

“Highly recommended. Friendly team, awesome prompt communication and pay invoices really fast. All of my service providers give great feedback on how fast their invoices are paid. If you’re looking for a good plan manager then sign up with these guys.”

The best thing we did was use Plan Tracker. Excellent support and fantastic at all things NDIS. Plan Tracker has taken the worry away. Thank you.

“I got a new Plan Manager called Plan Tracker and in two weeks, we have everything delivered that we’ve been requesting for 10 months.”

I would like to refer my first customer to Plan Tracker.

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