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NDIS Plan Management

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Let’s take a look at the basics…

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Plan Tracker Plan Management supports NDIS participants & families across Australia.

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Why should I choose Plan Tracker?

The details…

What am I responsible for?

  • choosing your Plan Manager
  • finding & organising your own supports, including your own support workers
  • deciding when and how your supports are provided
  • advising your providers who your Plan Manager is (so they know where to send invoices)

What is my Plan Manager responsible for?

  • providing you with a service agreement, to be signed by the Plan Manager and the participant or nominee
  • creating a service booking for your Plan Managed budgets
  • processing claims through the NDIS portal
  • paying your provider invoices directly & on-time
  • keeping records and receipts for purchases & supports provided, claimed and paid
  • ensuring you do not overspend (ie. spend more than your plan budgets)
  • informing you where your budgets are up to (generally in the form of a monthly statement, although some providers like Plan Tracker also have an app so you can view your up-to-date budgets anytime)

Benefits of Plan Management

  • more flexibility – you can use both registered and non-registered providers
  • you can pay up to the NDIS price guide (if you’re unsure, ask your Plan Manager)
  • a separate budget called “Improved Life Choices” is provided by in your NDIS plan to pay for your Plan Manager (you must request this at your planning or plan review meeting)
  • your Plan Manager can tell you exactly where you balances are up to (some, like Plan Tracker, have apps for this!)

*At Plan Tracker Plan Management, we believe good information = good decisions. So we’re bringing our app free-of-charge to all of our Plan Managed clients, which will allow participants & families to log in anytime, day or night, and view where their budgets are up to, as well as the use of our fantastic planned spending tool that helps to translate funding into support hours. Register for Plan Management with Plan Tracker here.

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Plan Tracker Plan Management supports NDIS participants & families across Australia

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*NOTE – as part of our service promise, we want to ensure all of our participants and families receive the best service possible. We kindly ask if your Core Supports budget is over 150k, please contact us before completing this form on 1800 549 670

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