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Why not change to an award-winning provider and get the service you deserve? Changing to Plan Tracker is quick and simple and we accept new customers at any point in your NDIS Plan. 

The Plan Tracker difference

We offer a more intimate kind of NDIS plan management where you can safely ask all the questions you like and get the support you need. We’re big enough to have the tools and resources in place to support you, yet small enough to take the time to get to know you and help you understand your plan.


  • Most Outstanding Plan Manager 2021
  • Smooth and easy transition (no delays to payments)
  • Safe, secure and easy to use Portal and App
  • Weekly statements for complete visibility over funds
  • Budget alerts to keep your spending on track
  • A friendly, supportive team with lived NDIS experience
  • The option to set funds aside for providers for complete payment certainty

How to change to Plan Tracker in a few simple steps

Step 1:

Simply sign up with us and let your existing plan manager know you're changing providers. If you’re not sure what to say, feel free to copy and paste this text into an email for them:

Dear X

This is to advise I would like to cancel my service agreement with you for Plan Management. As per your service agreement, the notice period ends in [x] business days from today’s date.  

When closing the current service bookings in the NDIA portal, please reduce the available funds for all budgets to zero dollars to allow my new Plan Manager access to my funding.  

Please forward any unpaid invoices from my current NDIS Plan to and confirm the date you will release my service bookings. 

Thank you for your service and support. 

Insert client / nominee name: 

Step 2:

As soon as your existing provider cancels your current bookings in the NDIA portal, and the available funds for all budgets are set to zero, we can begin your service with us. Most providers have a 15-to-30-day notification period, but you can ask to have this reduced.

Every time I call Plan Tracker, they are so helpful and patient. They take the time to explain things and don’t get frustrated. They couldn’t be any better.

Customer, Rebecca

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