Have you heard of PACE? PACE is an upgrade to the NDIA’s computer system, and all new NDIS plans, from 1 March 2024 will use the PACE system. There are a few changes that come with having a plan on PACE and one of them is how you connect with service providers. 

We’ve put together a guide to this new process, so you have the information you need when you’re choosing service providers! 

Choosing your plan manager 

If you would like your plan managed by a provider such as Plan Tracker, you must now endorse them, which just means that you need to tell the NDIA who you are choosing to manage your plan. 

Don’t worry, it’s a simple process and we’ve got a guide to endorsing Plan Tracker to help you! 

Important tips before you start 

Whichever endorsing option you choose, make sure to follow these tips: 

  • Endorse Plan Tracker as your plan manager (not plan provider). 
  • Use the start date of your current plan as the start date of your endorsement (this will allow us to process any invoices from within your plan) and let them know you would like it as ‘ongoing’ – that way when your plan rolls over or you get a new plan, you don’t need to endorse us again.
  • Confirm that the endorsement is complete while you’re on the phone, or in person. (the process should be instant). 

How to endorse a plan manager 

There are two ways you can endorse Plan Tracker. 

Option 1 – via the NDIA 

Contact the NDIA National Call Centre on 1800 800 110 and let them know that you would like to endorse Plan Tracker as your plan manager 

Option 2 – via your “My NDIS contact” – this could be a Local Area Coordinator or Planner  

Contact your Local Area Coordinator to advise that you would like to endorse Plan Tracker as your plan manager.  

What to say when endorsing Plan Tracker 

We’ve got a short script below to give you can idea of how to do this. 


I am calling to endorse a plan manager for my current plan. 

I’m a [participant/plan nominee] and my NDIS number is [your NDIS number]. 

I believe my NDIS plan is on the PACE system, and I would like to endorse Plan Tracker as my plan manager. The Plan Tracker registration number is 4050012016. 

Please endorse Plan Tracker from [plan start date], which is the start date of my current plan. Please endorse them ‘ongoing’.

Can you please confirm the endorsement is complete? 

Once the endorsement is confirmed we are good to go! Just let us know by either calling 1800 549 670 or emailing us at hello@plantracker.com.au – subject heading ENDORSEMENT and simply give us your details and that you have endorsed Plan Tracker. That’s all you need to do. 

What if I’m already with Plan Tracker and I’m starting a new plan? Will I need to endorse you? 

Your NDIS contact will call you before the end of your plan to discuss your situation and yes, you will need to tell them that you would like to endorse Plan Tracker as your plan manager. 

Make sure to tell your NDIS contact that you would like to endorse Plan Tracker as your ongoing plan manager. 

Need some help with endorsing? We’re with you every step of the way/ 

If you have any questions about endorsing Plan Tracker as your plan manager, give us call on 1800 549 670 or email us at hello@plantracker.com.au. 

You can read more about the new PACE computer system here.