If you need to claim a reimbursement for a service or item you have paid for upfront, the easiest and quickest way to get your money back is to submit it through your Portal.
If you need help setting up or accessing your Portal for the first time, please contact our Customer Care Team on 1800 549 670.

Portal Reimbursement- how to guide?

In the Portal there are two ways to claim a reimbursement. Once you’re logged in to the Portal, scroll down to ‘request a reimbursement’.

If you haven’t already set up a reimbursement account, you will be prompted to provide the information below. You only need to do this once.

Then there are two ways to claim a reimbursement:

Option 1

The fast-tracked way to be reimbursed is to:
1. Name your reimbursement, something that helps you remember what the reimbursement is for like ‘Gardening 01.01.23’
2. Click on the ‘Upload files’ section and upload a copy of your receipt (see image below)

Add in the NDIS Service Provided (there is a handy search bar that you can use if you are not sure the correct cost code)
3. Click ‘Add Support item’
4. Fill in the details- service start and end date, quantity and unit price
5. You can also manually add in the Service Provider and their invoice number
6. Save the item and click submit for reimbursement.

If you submit your reimbursement in your Portal before 2pm (any business day) via FastPayment, it will be processed the next day, once the NDIA have approved your claim. Please remember, payment can take up to 2 days to reach a bank account.

Option 2

1. Name your reimbursement, something that will help you to know what the reimbursement is for
2. Upload a copy of your receipt (see image below)
3. Click submit for payment

The team will review your receipt and process payment – this usually takes a few days.

Details to be included on your receipt

To make sure we can reimburse you as quickly as possible, please include a copy of the receipt or paid invoice when you submit your reimbursement – the Provider’s invoice must include the following information:

  • Provider’s/business name & ABN
  • Invoice number – must be unique number not previously used
  • Dates – the date of the invoice as well as the date/s the service was provided
  • Participant full name & NDIS number
  • Description of Service – For example, ‘Assistance at Home’, ‘Cleaning’ or ‘Occupational Therapy’
  • Number of hours/units and what price per hour/unit (must be under NDIA Pricing Arrangement maximum rates).
  • NDIS Line Item number – this can be found here (insert Price Guide Wizard link)
  • Invoice Total (including GST, if being charged)

If you need a hand setting up your Portal access, or with a reimbursement, please give the Customer Care team a call on 1800 549 670 email hello@plantracker.com.au or chat via Live Chat here on our website.

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