International Guide Dog Day 2024 – Wednesday April 24

International Guide Dog Day celebrates the important role Guide Dogs play supporting people around the world.

We spoke with our Plan Tracker customer, Sandra from Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, to find out about their experience of having the support of a Guide Dog. Here’s what we found out…

Sandra is on a wait list for a new Guide Dog, having lost her beloved Charlie at the end of last year.

Charlie had been with Sandra for 10 years. We asked her how having a guide dog had changed her life, and what she wishes people knew about having a vision impairment.

“I’ve had a Guide Dog for 10 years before I lost Charlie. Having his support changed my life immensely. He wasn’t just my companion, he was my eyes”, she said.

“I’d love people to understand that vision impaired people are just people, and they deserve the same respect as anyone else. It’s important if you see someone with their Guide Dog, to give them space, and definitely don’t approach the dog. When they are wearing their harness, they are ‘on duty’ and should not be distracted by saying hello or making gestures. Please say hello to their handler, announce who you are and if it looks like we might need some help, please offer!”


Please remember that Guide Dogs can go wherever you go – it’s legislated, so we can’t be refused entry to a building, event, cafe, shop or anywhere including using transport (buses, trains, trams, taxis, planes).

Please don’t pat a Guide Dog when they are wearing a harness – the harness is like a uniform to the dog, and it signals to them they are ‘on duty’.