Helpful Tools

Our Plan Tracker tools  have been designed to make your NDIS experience as easy and simple as possible. The tools are helpful for participants, nominees, service providers and support coordinators.

They are available here and are free to use as often as you like!




The NDIS Price Guide Wizard

This tool is designed to help you find the costs of services and supports, quickly and easily.

You can also find Line Item Numbers and use this information to create your budgets in our Number Cruncher.

Click here to use the Price Guide Wizard


The NDIS Number Cruncher – You Can Count On Me!

The Plan Tracker Number Cruncher is designed to help you work out the cost of services and supports, for up to 3 years (the maximum length of an NDIS Plan). You can count on the Number Cruncher to accurately work out how much of your budget you’re spending on a particular service, so there are no surprises.

Click on the link to use the NDIS Number Cruncher tool.

My Choice Tool

When you’re making choices and decisions about how to spend your funding, it can be helpful to record your thoughts.

At Plan Tracker, we’re passionate about simplifying the NDIS, which is why we’ve created the FREE MY CHOICE TOOL, with a list of questions to consider, when deciding what services or supports to spend your NDIS funding on.

Click on the link to use the My Choice tool.



There are 3 types of budgets in an NDIS Plan – CORE, CAPITAL and CAPACITY BUILDING – your plan may include one, two or all three types.

Click here to find out what services and supports each budget can be used for.

*Please note that these budget items are named slightly differently depending on if you have a paper or PDF plan, or are viewing it in the Portal.

This PAPER VS PORTAL information sheet helps you understand the different terms.

You can also find more information including case studies here NDIS Support budgets in your plan | NDIS

What our customers say

Easy to contact and pays on time. Very friendly too. Couldn’t ask for any other Plan Manager.

“Plan Tracker have been amazing. Finally I’ve had a smooth experience, no stress, they are super fast with communication and so helpful. And their app is great, plus the fact that I get sent weekly budget updates… I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Plan Tracker to everyone.”

“Highly recommended. Friendly team, awesome prompt communication and pay invoices really fast. All of my service providers give great feedback on how fast their invoices are paid. If you’re looking for a good plan manager then sign up with these guys.”

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“I got a new Plan Manager called Plan Tracker and in two weeks, we have everything delivered that we’ve been requesting for 10 months.”

About Plan Tracker

Plan Tracker is one of Australia’s leading NDIS Plan Managers, dedicated to helping participants get the most out of their NDIS funding. The Plan Tracker vision has always been for NDIS participants to have true choice and control of their plan, alongside enjoying fast payments (3 days), easy budget tracking, weekly emails, plus reliable advice and support from their friendly team. We now support thousands of participants as they navigate the NDIS for themselves or a loved one.

Plan Tracker team members are enthusiastic and caring, and many have lived-experience. Whether you are yet to apply for the NDIS, are creating your first plan, or are preparing to start your next plan, Plan Tracker’s supportive team is ready to guide you through the process.

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